[2018] Our techniques for video object segmentation and monocular depth estimation will be presented in ECCV 2018.

* Yeong Jun Koh, Young-Yoon Lee, and Chang-Su Kim, “Sequential Clique Optimization for Video Object Segmentation”

* Minhyeok Heo, Jaehan Lee, Kyung-Rae Kim, Han-Ul Kim, and Chang-Su Kim, “Monocular Depth Estimation Using Whole Strip Masking and Reliability-Based Refinement”

Congratulations. Especially, Yeong Jun and Minhyeok are now MCL alumni; we wish YJ and MH excellent careers in Engineering !!!

One more great news. We are very productive this year. In 2018, at least 4 MCL members or alumni have married or will get married. We are very proud of them, and wish they give birth to many many children !!!