[ECCV 2020] Some papers

This year, we will present our techniques on video interpolation, depth estimation, semantic line detection, image enhancement, and interactive video segmentation in ECCV2020.

* Junheum Park, Keunsoo Ko, Chul Lee, Chang-Su Kim, “BMBC:Bilateral Motion Estimation with Bilateral Cost Volume for Video Interpolation”
* Jae-Han Lee, Chang-Su Kim, “Multi-Loss Rebalancing Algorithm for Monocular Depth Estimation”
* Dongkwon Jin, Jun-Tae Lee, Chang-Su Kim, “Semantic Line Detection Using Mirror Attention and Comparative Ranking and Matching”
* Han-Ul Kim, Yeong Jun Koh, Chang-Su Kim, “Global and Local Enhancement Networks For Paired and Unpaired Image Enhancement”
* Han-Ul Kim, Yeong Jun Koh, Chang-Su Kim, “PieNet: Personalized Image Enhancement Network”
* Yuk Heo, Yeong Jun Koh, Chang-Su Kim, “Interactive Video Object Segmentation Using Global and Local Transfer Modules”

Congratulations, Junheum, Keunsoo, Jae-Han, Dongkwon, Han-Ul, and Yuk!
Many thanks to our alumni Prof. Chul Lee, Prof. Young Jun Koh, Dr. Jun-Tae Lee for their excellent guidance of younger MCL members.