Journal of Visual Communications and Image Representation, vol. 24, no.3, pp. 410-426, Apr. 2013.
Optimized Contrast Enhancement for
Real-Time Image and Video Dehazing

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A fast and optimized dehazing algorithm for hazy images and videos is proposed in this work. Based on the observation that a hazy image exhibits low contrast in general, we restore the hazy image by enhancing its contrast. However, the overcompensation of the degraded contrast may truncate pixel values and cause information loss. Therefore, we formulate a cost function that consists of the contrast term and the information loss term. By minimizing the cost function, the proposed algorithm enhances the contrast and preserves the information optimally. Moreover, we extend the static image dehazing algorithm to real-time video dehazing. We reduce flickering artifacts in a dehazed video sequence by making transmission values temporally coherent. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm effectively removes haze and is sufficiently fast for real-time dehazing applications.


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Experiental results

Image dehazing results

The original
The transmission Map
The results of
the proposed algorithm

Image dehazing results using various

The original
The results of
The results of
The results of
The results of

Comparative Image dehazing results

The original
The results of
Fattal's algorithm1
The results of
Tan's algorithm2
The results of
Kopf et al.'s algorithm3
The results of
Tarel et al.'s algorithm4
The results of
He et al.'s algorithm5
The results of
the proposed algorithm
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Comparative video dehazing results



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