IEEE Access (Vol. 6), 2018

Multiscale Feature Extractors
for Stereo Matching Cost Computation

Kyung-Rae Kim
Korea University

Yeong Jun Koh
University of California San Diego

Chang-Su Kim
Korea University


We propose four efficient feature extractors based on convolutional neural networks for stereo matching cost computation. Two of them generate multiscale features with diverse receptive field sizes. These multiscale features are used to compute the corresponding multiscale matching costs. We then determine an optimal cost by combining the multiscale costs using edge information. On the other hand, the other two feature extractors produce uni-scale features by combining multiscale features directly through fully connected layers. Finally, after obtaining matching costs using one of the four extractors, we determine optimal disparities based on the cross-based cost aggregation and the semiglobal matching. Extensive experiments on the Middlebury stereo data sets demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed algorithm. Specifically, the proposed algorithm provides competitive matching performance with the state of the arts, while demanding lower computational complexity.



Kyung-Rae Kim and Chang-Su Kim, "Adaptive smoothness constraints for efficient stereo matching using texture and edge information," in Proc. International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Phoenix, Arizona, pp. 3429-3433, Sep. 2016. [pdf] [bibtex]

Kyung-Rae Kim, Yeong Jun Koh, and Chang-Su Kim, "Multiscale Feature Extractors for Stereo Matching Cost Computation," IEEE Access, vol. 6, pp. 27971-27983, May. 2018. [pdf] [source code(coming soon)] [bibtex]