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    [2018] Dr. Se-Ho Lee’s paper in IEEE Access

    Our recent alumnus, Dr. Se-Ho Lee joined Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology this Fall. A good news is that his paper on tracking-by segmentation will be published in IEEE Acces...

    [2018] Our techniques for video object segmentation and monocular depth estimation will be presented in ECCV 2018.

    2019년 전반기 연구원 모집



    [Weekly] Mean-Variance Loss for Deep Age Estimation from a Face

    Presenter : Nyeong-Ho Shin Date : 20, October. Seminar Room : Engineering Building 167(a.m 11:00~) Paper : Mean-Variance Loss for Deep Age Estimation from a Face [CVPR2018]

    No seminar this week (13, Oct.)

    [Weekly] Monocular Depth Estimation with Affinity, Vertical Pooling, and Label Enhancement