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    [JVCI] 3D point cloud processing

    Seon-Ho’s SAF-Nets were at last accepted by JVCI. Seon-Ho Lee and Chang-Su Kim, “SAF-Nets: Shape-adaptive filter networks for 3D point cloud processing,” to appear ...

    [ICCV2021] Video interpolation, multi-task learning, image enhancement

    [2021] 김한울 박사 서울과학기술대학교 교수 임용



    [Weekly] Mean-Shifted Contrastive Loss for Anomaly Detection

    Presenter : Jin-Won, Ko Date : 31, July. Location : Online (https://korea-ac-kr.zoom.us/j/81929176177?pwd=SnU4VXNyYUhrL0pRRnhpWi82NjYrUT09) Paper :  Mean-Shifted Contrastive Loss for...

    [Weekly] DeepUSPS: Deep Robust Unsupervised Saliency Prediction With Self-Supervision

    [Weekly] Involution: Inverting the Inherence of Convolution for Visual Recognition