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    [2019] A journal paper on point processing

    Congratulations, Seon-Ho, for his first journal paper! Seon-Ho Lee, Han-Ul Kim, and Chang-Su Kim, “ELF-Nets: Deep Learning on Point Clouds Using Extended Laplacian Filter,” to appear...

    [ICCV2019] Aesthetics assessment and future motion estimation

    [BMVC2019] A learning algorithm for clustering



    [Weekly] Learning the Model Update for Siamese Trackers

    Presenter : Hwan, Choi Date : 23, Nov. Seminar Room : New Engineering Building 315 (a.m 11:00~) Paper : Learning the Model Update for Siamese Trackers [ICCV 2019]

    [Weekly] PoseFix: Model-agnostic General Human Pose Refinement Network

    No seminar this week