[2018] DoF rendering scheme in ISCAS 2018

The first news in 2018 is about Whan’s first paper.

Whan Choi and Kyung-Rae Kim, “Reliable Depth-of-Field Rendering Using Estimated Depth Maps”

It will be presented in ISCAS 2018 in Florence (Firenze), Italy this spring.

Congratulations, Whan and Kyung-Rae!



[2017] Our object discovery technique will be published in TIP.

Yeong Jun Koh and Chang-Su Kim, “Unsupervised primary object discovery in videos based on evolutionary primary object modeling with reliable object proposals,” to appear in IEEE Trans. Image Process., 2017.

Congratulations to YJ for his second TIP paper!

[2017] Our techniques for semantic line detection, superpixels, and joint tracking and segmentation will be presented in ICCV 2017.

This year ICCV will be in Venice, Italy where we will present the following papers.
   * Jun-Tae Lee, Han-Ul Kim, Chul Lee, “Semantic Line Detection and Its Applications
   * Se-Ho Lee and Won-Dong Jang, “Temporal Superpixels Based on Proximity-Weighted Patch Matching
   * Yeong Jun Koh, “CDTS: Collaborative Detection, Tracking, and Segmentation for Online Multiple Object Segmentation in Videos”
Congratulations JT, HU, Prof. Chul Lee, SH, WD, and YJ. Especially, congratulations again JT for his first vision paper. Nice work.

[2017] Our first AVSS paper

A background subtraction algorithm will be published in AVSS 2017.

Kyungsun Lim, Won-Dong Jang, and Chang-Su Kim, “Background Subtraction Using Encoder-Decoder Structured
Convolutional Neural Network”

Well done, KS and WD.

[2017] Our paper on prostate segmentation will be published in ICIP.

Juhyeok Mun, Won-Dong Jang, Deuk Jae Sung, Chang-Su Kim


This is Juhyeok’s first paper. Congratulations.

Also, this is our first paper on medical image processing.