[2019] Monocular depth estimation and interactive image segmentation in CVPR.

* Jae-Han Lee and Chang-Su Kim, “Monocular depth estimation using relative depth maps”
* Won-Dong Jang and Chang-Su Kim, “Interactive image segmentation via backpropagating refinement scheme”

Congratulations to MCL member Jae-Han (in military service) and MCL alumnus Won-Dong (in Harvard)!

[2019] 2019년 2학기 연구원 모집

MCL에서 올 9월부터 computer vision, image processing, machine learning을 연구할 연구원을 모집합니다. 관심 있는 사람은 김창수 교수(에게 연락 바랍니다.

2019년 9월 입학: 석박사통합 1명

2020년 3월 입학: 석박사통합 1명

[2019] Prof. Chul Lee joins Dongguk University.

Another great piece of news.

Prof. Chul Lee will join Dongguk University this March.


[2019] Dr. Yeong Jun Koh is now a professor.

Dr. Young Jun Koh, who graduated last year, will start teaching at Chungnam National University this March. 

All MCL members are very proud to have produced such a good, young scholar and hope that he contribute soon to the MCL tradition of another productivity.  



[2018] Dr. Se-Ho Lee’s paper in IEEE Access

Our recent alumnus, Dr. Se-Ho Lee joined Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology this Fall. A good news is that his paper on tracking-by segmentation will be published in IEEE Access.

Se-Ho Lee, Won-Dong Jang, and Chang-Su Kim, “Tracking-by-Segmentation Using Superpixel-Wise Neural Network”

Congratulations to Dr. Lee. We wish him a great career in SAIT.