[2017] AE for IEEE T-MM

Chang-Su Kim will serve as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, starting from this March.

[2017] 인턴 모집

MCL에서 컴퓨터 비전과 영상 처리를 연구할 학생을 모집하고 있습니다.  관심 있는 학생은 김창수 교수(과 상담 바랍니다.

[2017] Our clustering techniques will be presented in CVPR 2017.

  • Young Jun Koh, “Primary Object Segmentation in Videos Based on Region Augmentation and Reduction”
  • Won-Dong Jang, “Online Video Object Segmentation via Convolutional Trident Network”
  • Se-Ho Lee and Won-Dong Jang, “Contour-Constrained Superpixels for Image and Video Processing”
Congratulations on the jobs well done.

[2017] A subpixel rendering algorithm will be presented in ISCAS 2017.

Jae-Han Lee, Kyung-Rae Kim, and Chang-Su Kim, “Subpixel Rendering without Color Distortions for Diamond-Shaped PenTile Displays”

Congratulations to JH on his first paper!


[2017] A low-light image enhancement technique will be published in JVCI.

A journal paper from our former student Jaemoon Lim will be published in JVCI.

  • Jaemoon Lim, Minhyeok Heo, Chul Lee, and Chang-Su Kim, “Contrast enhancement of noisy low-light images based on structure-texture-noise decomposition,” to appear in J. Vis. Commun. Image. Represent.,2017.

Congratulations to Jaemoon, and many thanks to Minhyeok and Prof. Lee!