[2018] An aesthetic assessment technique will be presented in ICIP 2018

Keunsoo Ko, Jun-Tae Lee, Chang-Su Kim, “PAC-NET: Pairwise Aesthetic Comparison Network for Image Aesthetic Assessment”

Congratulations Keunsoo for his first paper !

[2018] 중견연구 선정

우리 실험실이 한국연구재단의 중견연구과제(2018년 3월 1일 ~ 2022년 2월 28일)에 선정되었습니다. 정부에서 비교적 오랜 기간 많은 지원을 하니 그에 상응하는 연구를 수행하겠습니다.

실험실원 모두 제안서 작성에 수고 많았습니다.


[2018] Our single-image depth estimation technique will be presented in CVPR 2018.

Jae-Han Lee et al., “Single-Image Depth Estimation Based on Fourier Domain Analysis”

Congratulations Jae-Han on his first CVPR paper !

[2018] DoF rendering scheme in ISCAS 2018

The first news in 2018 is about Whan’s first paper.

Whan Choi and Kyung-Rae Kim, “Reliable Depth-of-Field Rendering Using Estimated Depth Maps”

It will be presented in ISCAS 2018 in Florence (Firenze), Italy this spring.

Congratulations, Whan and Kyung-Rae!



[2017] Our object discovery technique will be published in TIP.

Yeong Jun Koh and Chang-Su Kim, “Unsupervised primary object discovery in videos based on evolutionary primary object modeling with reliable object proposals,” to appear in IEEE Trans. Image Process., 2017.

Congratulations to YJ for his second TIP paper!