[CVPR 2024] Depths, Lines, Quality, and Segmentation

We will present our papers on depth refinement, semantic line detection, image quality assessment, and interactive image segmentation at the upcoming conference CVPR in Seattle this June.

  • * Jinyoung Jun, Jae-Han Lee, and Chang-Su Kim, “Masked Spatial Propagation Network for Sparsity-Adaptive Depth Refinement,” CVPR 2024.
  • * Jinwon Ko, Dongkwon Jin, and Chang-Su Kim, “Semantic Line Combination Detector,” CVPR 2024.
  • * Nyeong-Ho Shin, Seon-Ho Lee, and Chang-Su Kim, “Blind Image Quality Assessment Based on Geometric Order Learning,” CVPR 2024.
  • * Chaewon Lee, Seon-Ho Lee, and Chang-Su Kim, “MFP: Making Full Use of Probability Maps for Interactive Image Segmentation,” CVPR 2024.

Congratulations to Jinyoung, Jae-Han, Jinwon, Dongkwon, Nyeong-Ho, Seon-Ho, and Chaewon!