[CVPR 2023] Image compression & video interpolation

We are happy to announce that our work on video interpolation and image compression will be presented in CVPR, Vancouver, Canada this June.


Junheum Park, Jintae Kim, Chang-Su Kim, “BiFormer: Learning Bilateral Motion Estimation via Bilateral Transformer for 4K Video Frame Interpolation,” in Proc. CVPR 2023.

Seungmin Jeon, Kwang Pyo Choi, Youngo Park, Chang-Su Kim, “Context-Based Trit-Plane Coding for Progressive Image Compression,” in Proc. CVPR 2023.


Big congratulations to Junheum, Jintae, Seungmin, and many thanks to our colleagues Kwang Pyo and Youngo!

Junheum is now an experienced interpolator, and Jintae is following. Seungmin’s paper writing is better than his mountain climbing. Anyway, good job!

Finally, to those MCL members who couldn’t survive the cruel and almost random culling of three-fourths of the papers: Let’s simply continue.