[ICCV 2023] Inpainting and lane detection

We will present our image inpainting and video lane detection algorithms in ICCV 2023.

Keunsoo Ko and Chang-Su Kim, “Continuously Masked Transformer for Image Inpainting,” in Proc. ICCV, Paris, France, Oct. 2023.
Dongkwon Jin, Dahyun Kim, and Chang-Su Kim, “Recursive Video Lane Detection,” in Proc. ICCV, Paris, France, Oct. 2023.

Congratulations to Dr. Ko for this achievement! Dr. Ko has been quite productive this year. Soon he will be the second Prof. Ko from MCL and be a proud father of two children. By the way, the first Prof. Koh should make more effort in this regard.

Congratulations to Dongkwon and Dahyun! Excellent jobs.