[ECCV 2020] Some papers

This year, we will present our techniques on video interpolation, depth estimation, semantic line detection, image enhancement, and interactive video segmentation in ECCV2020.

* Junheum Park, Keunsoo Ko, Chul Lee, Chang-Su Kim, “BMBC:Bilateral Motion Estimation with Bilateral Cost Volume for Video Interpolation”
* Jae-Han Lee, Chang-Su Kim, “Multi-Loss Rebalancing Algorithm for Monocular Depth Estimation”
* Dongkwon Jin, Jun-Tae Lee, Chang-Su Kim, “Semantic Line Detection Using Mirror Attention and Comparative Ranking and Matching”
* Han-Ul Kim, Yeong Jun Koh, Chang-Su Kim, “Global and Local Enhancement Networks For Paired and Unpaired Image Enhancement”
* Han-Ul Kim, Yeong Jun Koh, Chang-Su Kim, “PieNet: Personalized Image Enhancement Network”
* Yuk Heo, Yeong Jun Koh, Chang-Su Kim, “Interactive Video Object Segmentation Using Global and Local Transfer Modules”

Congratulations, Junheum, Keunsoo, Jae-Han, Dongkwon, Han-Ul, and Yuk!
Many thanks to our alumni Prof. Chul Lee, Prof. Young Jun Koh, Dr. Jun-Tae Lee for their excellent guidance of younger MCL members.

[DAVIS Challenge 2020] 1st place award

Yuk, contratulations!

[ICIP 2020] Demosaicking and color enhancement

Glad to announce that our techniques for color enhancement and image demosaicking will be presented in ICIP 2020.
  1. Soo-Kyeong Kang, Chul Lee, and Chang-Su Kim, “Optimized color contrast enhancement for dichromats using local and global contrast,” in Proc. ICIP, United Arab Emirates, Oct. 2020.
  2. Ji-Soo Kim, Keunsoo Ko, and Chang-Su Kim, “Adaptive lattice-aware image demosaicking using global and local information,’ in Proc. ICIP, United Arab Emirates, Oct. 2020.

Congratulations to Soo-Kyung, Ji-Soo, and Keunsoo!

It is sad that ICIP will be virtual this year. No more virtual conference, no more online lecture, no more mask.

[2020] 대학원생 모집

MCL에서 2021년 3월부터 Computer Vision, Machine Learning을 연구할 대학원생을 모집합니다. 관심 있는 사람은 김창수 교수(와 면담바랍니다.

[ICLR2020] Order learning

Kyungsun Lim, Nyeong-Ho Shin, Young-Yoon Lee, and Chang-Su Kim, “Order Learning and Its Application to Age Estimation”

We will present a new concept, called order learning, in ICLR 2020. It is about machine learning of inequality (cf. metric learning is about the learning of equality).

This is our first ICLR paper. Also, this is our first paper to be presented on the African continent. For completeness, we need an Antarctic paper.